How to deal with us …

• Sadaf journal 202

Saturday, April 29, 2017
10:12 PM

Don’t ever Tell anyone with anxiety and depression that their feelings make no sense and are invalid because you have no damn idea that in a damn single day how many times we fight with this illness and felt incredibly useless of being alive and guilty for our own actions .we are a huge mess.
So please if you are one of those people who are judgemental about us and invalidating our illness than walk away from us.if you are not going through this it doesn’t means that it’s okay to point at us .if we are acting normal it doesn’t means that we are not battling in our brain we are constantly struggling and have a war with in ourselves.dont ask ous the reasons for our doings if we knew it we won’t probably done it.we have no explanation and we have no reasons for everything.for us life sucks on every level and on every phase of our every day if you can’t help us than don’t increase our pain and suffering from your cruel words .help us or leave us .we feel more comfortable and ease when we are isolated and alone rather than socializing ourselves with the vast majority of mean and picky people .correct us but don’t blame us help us if you can or if you can’t keep up than leave us for good .


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