Life is not perfect neither we are …

Life is not perfect at all everyone knows this neither we are ,but still majority of us are trying really hard to fix life .We need to fix our selves first .We need that eye which can see the beauty of life which I can now see through the eyes of someone ,someone who taught me who let me in to his eyes just to use the median to see what I was missing.Reached to the conclusion after several questions been asked from my heart. why fixing things?Why fixing the situations which are not mend to be fixed.Go with the flow.we human just need to understand this .Accept whole heartedly what the life itself  is offering you rather it’s a love or betrayal rather it’s a bad or evil rather it’s a sorrow or happiness someone once told me that “These all  contrasts work better when they are going parallel in life otherwise we will not appreciate the joy after sadness the achievement after a failure.Take it what you are getting and cherish the moment.”I am glad that i stopped thinking that I can fix this and that I can fix the other person too I finally stopped fixing …I am not gonna try to fix something I will prefer just to stay parallel with him ….But at least going together …..Apart from each other but in the same direction towards the same goal ….But through individual routes……..


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