Starting a journey of writing for the the first time 

living a life without a hope is miserable.

I am living a miserable life this feeling hits me  some two or three times in a single day causing me a great deal of my mental health and inner peace of soul but after so much of fighting in my head this one single ray of Hope Alas! Give me an optimistic  approach towards life . the moment I start believing for something good gonna happen it changes my perspective towards my future goals in life which once I thought that gonna be impossible even towards people which once I thought not gonna change .don’t lose hope dear at all ever because hope is the main key to unlock the doors of opportunities .Hopeless people tend to live a miserable still life they are not gonna work and put there efforts at all because for them it stays the same on the other hand hopeful people already made a reason for themselves to work for something  there life is not still they are putting there efforts because they have a ray of Hope.I don’t want to increase my misery by not hoping  at all .I am hopeful I will be hopeful and I am gonna stay hopeful .no one can change my situation in which I am  accept one and only me a person with hope .Life with out a hope is miserable .Standing on my balcony an watching a sunset and hoping to see the rising sun tomorrow  is a big relief  because an other worst day is gonna end atleast ….


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